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Holly Jervis - Head Coach


- Level 1 General Gymnastics Coaching
- Burj Al Arab Winner 2017
- Level 2 Women’s Artistic Coaching
- Club Judge
- First Aid

About Holly Jervis

Holly started dancing at the age of 3 and continued until 7 year old when she found her strengths lied in Acro – a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. At 7 years old Holly decided to take a break from dancing and try out gymnastics, which she took to instantly. Holly started out as a display gymnast, performing all over the world with a group of 15-20 other gymnasts. Whilst still performing in displays, Holly decided to take up tumbling at 10 years old and competed regionally in many competitions picking up lots of medals along the way. Enjoying competing, Holly decided to try Acro gymnastics – which was very similar to the display she’d done for so long. At the young age of 14, Holly began coaching recreational level gymnastics at her local club where she had competed tumbling. At 18 years old, after volunteering at the club for 4 years, Holly stopped competing and was offered a coaching job and was put through her qualifications.

Since then Holly has taught a variety of gymnasts, from six months to sixty years, and of all abilities and many disciplines including Acro, Artistic and Tumbling. Holly is happy to be working with such a great team at Absolute Gymnastics. Holly is really looking forward to helping the gymnastics and the academy grow.


Kerstin McKelvie - Coach


- Level 1 General and Teamgym Gymanstics
- Level 2 Teamgym
- Level 3 Teamgym
- First Aid
- Sports Leader UK tutor
- HND Health, Fitness and Exercise
- Bsc Strength and Conditioning
- Badminton, Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis basics
- Urban rebound instructor

About Kerstin McKelvie

Kerstin, also known as "coach K." grew up in Scotland and began her gymnastics career at 3 years old. She competed in artistic gymnastics until she was 15 and then moved discipline and competed as a TeamGym gymnast where she represented Great Britain at the European Championships in Sweden 2010. She also has a dance background where she has performed in many shows including the commonwealth games in Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.

Kerstin went to college and achieved a HND in Health, Fitness and Exercise and then went on to complete a Bachelors Degree in Strength and Conditioning. After university Kerstin decided to take some time out and lived in France for a ski season as the Head Kids Rep. She then came home to Scotland and started her new job as an Active Schools Co-ordinator. She then moved on to working in a Support Service School where she delivered the PE lessons. She is a level 3 qualified gymnastics coach and has been coaching for 12 years now. Gymnastics is her passion and she is grateful that she gets to do what she loves every day.


Tania Alatorre Camacho - Coach

About Tania

Tania has been into acrobatics since she was 10 years old, cheerleading got her attention and that is when her journey in gymnastics began.

Years later her team qualified to compete in The Cheerleading Worlds in 2015 doing a great performance and competing shoulder to shoulder with the best teams from all over the world. On the other hand Tania also started coaching a high school team and achieved lots of wins for the “All Girl” team. After years of training and coaching she decided to try out for the State Selection Team of Mexico and earned a spot among hundreds of athletes, being this her last competition as an athlete.

Her career as a coach continued when she moved to Dubai and joined Absolute Gymnastics.

Now she practices Acro Yoga to keep her acrobatics fresh and looks forward to teach lots of gymnasts.


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