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Q: What to wear?

A: Participants should dress appropriately for physical activity, shorts and t-shirt are ideal, leggings and tracksuit bottoms are also acceptable. No jewellery is allowed (If newly pierced ears please cover with medical tape). Please tie long hair back. Denim, skirts and dresses are not appropriate as they can be restrictive to movement and get caught up in equipment. All gymnasts must have bare feet (no socks) to minimise slipping.

Q: What happens if I’m running late to pick up my child from camp or class?

A: Just give us a call or message to let us know. We understand that things happen. We will have a coach stay with your child until you arrive.

Q: Do they need previous experience?

No previous experience is required for our recreational classes and your child can start at any age and coaches can adapt the skills.

Q: What are the benefits of gymnastics?

A: Gymnastics works the whole body and is a great sport to learn new skills and stay in shape. Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for both boys and girls. It helps develop their strength, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence. Gymnastics will help your child develop physically and socially whilst having lots of fun.

Q: What can I expect my child to do during their class?

A: We start our classes with a fun and energetic warm up – often involving a mental challenge to warm up the brain as well as the body. Children will then go through a full stretching programme to work on their flexibility. Once warmed up and stretched, the children will participate in an agility section to progress their floor skills. The class will then move to equipment, with children working on a variety of different skills up on the equipment. Children will work one to one on the equipment with a coach and will be provided with a circuit they can complete individually to keep them active whilst they wait for their turn.