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Absolute Gymnastics offer the following programmes at convenient locations across Dubai:


Movement is vital for young children to build their sensory perceptions and critical pathways in the brain to allow them to reach their full potential. Our coaches introduce our youngest gymnasts to a number of different techniques to develop their motor skills, senses, strength and their vestibular system (sense of balance). For parents, the classes provide excellent information on childhood development whilst teaching safety spotting techniques to help and support your gymnast. The programme will provide your gymnast with an excellent foundation for movement and learning and the chance to have great fun at the same time!


Our pre-school classes combine music, imagination and movement to provide a fun-filled gymnastics lesson for your gymnast. At 3 to 4 years old, children are beginning to develop a dominant hand and foot, as well as working on coordination. You can expect your gymnast to grow their FUNdamental motor skills whilst building their confidence and exploring movements. Gymnasts will enjoy this exciting class by following storylines and musical instructions, challenging their brains with number and language skills – whilst all the time being introduced to new, challenging gymnastics skills.


This class provides a fun challenging experience for your gymnast. From beginner to advanced, we work with gymnasts to develop their skills at a pace suitable for themselves. All children are treated as individuals and set their own expectations and goals. From learning a basic cartwheel to showing off their flips and tricks we cater to all levels! Expect your gymnast to enjoy different physical games and challenges, and to finish having had a great deal of fun whilst developing their skills.


Our oldest age group will enjoy a heavily skills based class, helping them to focus on furthering their skills to the highest level possible. The class allows for the chance to work both alone and as part of a team, allowing children to form friendships with like-minded children who share an interest in gymnastics. Gymnasts will learn to perform skills to a high standard on their own, as well as using equipment and apparatus to tackle more technically challenging and difficult skills. You can expect your gymnast to experience a fun and challenging gymnastics class that will leave them practicing everywhere they can!


Absolute Gymnastics work directly with schools to provide extra curriculum classes for their students. Our after school activities cater to all gymnasts of all abilities. We reach both nurseries and school enabling gymnasts from 18 months to 12 years the chance to develop their skills in a safe and fun environment.


Acrobatic Gymnastics includes a mix of Strength, Flexibility, Choreography and Acrobatic skills. Acrobatic gymnastics includes teaching of partnership skills, including partnership balance and dynamic (tempo) work.

Partnerships include:

We offer a beginners class to work on the foundations of partnership work alongside general gymnastics skills with a view to providing an advanced class as the need arises. All gymnasts will benefit from improved grace, flexibility, strength and spatial awareness.


Those gymnasts reaching the advanced levels of our programme will be invited to join our academy classes. These classes will provide a heavily skills based class – moving gymnasts to develop the more advanced skills. Gymnasts in these classes will learn individual apparatus routines with a view to moving towards competition.